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Rie Elise Larsen is a Danish interior design company that designs and trades with accessories for the home. Our original designs are influenced by the Nordic simplicity mixed with bright and playful colours and surprising details and motives. We mix the classical with the modern expression and our products have been recognized through the years as unique and groundbreaking.

Rie Elise Larsen at Cinnamon Home

Bloomingville A/S is a fast-growing wholesale company based in Denmark.
We create, discover and collect beautiful objects for the home and garden.
The uniqueBloomingville style is a mixture of raw products with a nostalgic Scandinavian twist and reproductions of fantastic pieces from times past inspired by French brocante. Initially, Bloomingville's product line consisted of items sourced from European producers as well as a small variety of pieces designed by the com­pany's founder, Betina Stampe.
Share your style. Tell your story. Change your home.

Bloomingville at Cinnamon Home

House Doctor is a Danish based interior company. Our style is provocative, personal and not too formal. We believe that the time right now is a time for mixing the elements rather than matching the elements. The product range is very wide, ranging from kitchen storage, vases and furniture to an exclusive assortment of clothing and sophisticated accessories – and much, much more!

House Doctor at Cinnamon Home

HOUSE OF RYM was built on a love affair. Between contemporary design and ancient handcraft. Between intriguing aesthetics and sustainable materials. To get that perfect mix and make their vision reality, founders Rym and Zied work with talented Swedish designers Anna Backlund, Elisabeth Dunker and Cecilia Pettersson. The result of this thrilling cooperation is HOUSE OF RYM – the place where contemporary Scandinavian design and ancient Tunisian handicrafts fall head over heels. In love.

House of Rym at Cinnamon Home

Hübsch is a Danish company in the home interior business. At Hübsch, we strive to give our customers a unique experience in terms of service, quality and design. We want to offer you high-quality interior design in our own unique style. We pay attention to details. We are people-minded which is why you can expect to be the center of attention.

Hübsch at Cinnamon Home

Nicolas Vahé: Born in France, he moved to Denmark in 2000, where he started his own brand of specialties developed from his own recipes in 2007.„I enjoy combining traditional recipes with ‘the modern kitchen’ and I find new inspiration from all over the world. A close cooperation with commodity producers in France and Italy ensures a consistently high-quality and good taste.” „There is a focus on creating a sensual experience for all my customers. It must be a strong and racking experience for all senses to be in close contact with my delicacies. My products are talking to all 5 senses in man. "Make Sense" - be one of the senses and life-affirming experience for you and your surroundings! Give yourself going in the senses!”

Nicolas Vahé at Cinnamon Home

Nordal is a family-owned Danish company, where the keyword is exciting and functional design for your home. Designers with an unfailing sense of style. Nordal is the flagship of decorative art and high-quality accessories for the home - and today, one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of exciting accessories for the home and the “perfect gift idea”.

Nordal at Cinnamon Home

BEEJOU: Colorful button jewelry and meaningful glass books. The magic starts when I sit down in the middle of my little studio. I'm surrounded by beautiful fabrics. Soon I find myself making buttons and in no time they start to take shape and become a unique piece of jewelry. Hope you like them. :) beejou: The necessary accessory

Beejou at Cinnamon Home

Aspegren Denmark is a Danish design company, specializing in the production of industrial design products such as interior textiles, porcelain and interior decorations of different kinds. Based on high-quality Danish craftsmanship, we develop beautiful and creative products with a twist, always trying to inspire a happy and colorful life. In short, we create fine things of high quality for your home with respect and care.

Aspegren at Cinnamon Home


Magpie is the brainchild of designer Nicky Sloan and was created in 2011. Realising there was a huge gap in the market for nostalgic, colourful, mix and match vintage-inspired tableware and homewares, Nicky launched Magpie in 2011 with a range of ceramics based on her love of British design from the last century. Everything they make is suitable for Vegans, their products are all cruelty-free without compromising on their design. So the ceramics are all made from Porcelain, all the bags and purses are made from animal-friendly cotton, leather and polypropylene. All the cards and notebooks are made from 100% recycled paper.

Magpie at Cinnamon Home

yndig logo michelle carlslundlykke bang

YNDIG means enchanting in Danish - enchanting countries and enchanting products from an enchanting designer.

YNDIG is the exclusive wholesaler of the Danish label "Michelle Carl Lund Illustrations" for Germany. Each wonderful poster and greeting card by Michelle Carl Lund tells a little story.

lykke bang is functional design products for everyday use. The colours used by lykke bang are a carefully selected palette that range from bright sharp shades to sweet pastels.


Everyone loves tidiness. But it’s not so easy to maintain. Agnes, the founder of CUCC has a simple, easy to use, environmentally conscious and stylish solution. She has two boys, so she knows very well what she is dealing with.

The paper sacks are already an essential complement of Scandinavian design. Agnes decided to make on her own bags, and began to paint them with her own patterns and signs. It quickly became a success. That's the story behind CUCC. We are proud to stock her products!

C U C C at Cinnamon Home

a little lovely company

Founders and designers Judith de Ruijter and Nikki Hateley started their Little Lovely adventure from a shared passion: transforming ordinary everyday home and kidsroom decorations into unique pieces with a personal and creative touch. Every Little Lovely product aims to encourage creativity, individual style, and a sense of fun and happiness. This philosophy has led to a unique brand which is committed to designing affordable products that deliver the WOW factor - making everyday life just that little bit more lovely.

A little lovely company at Cinnamon Home

Moon M logo

Moon Manufacture is a small Hungarian business operated by two friends, both architects, and mums in one. They share the passion of Scandinavian interiors, understand the needs of kid's rooms and family homes. They believe that design and practicality can go hand in hand.
As architects, they have a lot of ideas and creative energies, which they turn into designing and preparation of lovely home accessories. The mainline of the range is the own designed laser-cut wooden products, which they sand and paint with acryl.
That's why they are called "manufacture": all the beauties are made by hand. And why Moon? All the mums understand it: "When the M O O N is up work begins..."

Moon Manufacture at Cinnamon Home


Marbushka produces toys with the philosophy behind that they are beautiful to look at, fun to play with and to be cherished for generations.

All toys are primarily made by hand, using environment-friendly materials (wood, paper, semi-precious stones), because they believe that the culture manifested in the objects around our children, is just as important as the education with which we are shaping their intellect.

Marbushka at Cinnamon Home


The products of Lagom are handmade, and they are always an eyecatcher on the walls.
The wires are formulated like a pleasant handwriting style, and their soft coats have always playful colours.
Such a wire-drawing can be a wonderful accessory in every child's room, but "think out of the box!": We should try it at different places of the house!
The artist, Tatjana Farkas lives and creates in Budapest. The name of the brand, Lagom is a Swedis
h word and means "not too much, not too little. Just right."

Lagom at Cinnamon Home

kidsboetiek logo

It was a childhood dream of Lucie from Belgium to open a shop. As a mum, she made her dream come true, and opened it! She has a passion for fair, handmade products with a beautiful design.
She also invented her own products. The brand of Kids Boetiek offers a wide range of cute suitcases, cushions and playmats in the designs of rainbows, unicorns, sunshine, watermelon....

Kidsboetiek at Cinnamon Home


Jaana Price lives with her family near the Black Forest. She founded the Foxella & Friends online shop in January 2014, to make nurseries, flats and houses a little bit more beautiful by bringing nature back to the people together with the fox girl Foxella.

Foxella at Cinnamon Home


Play and Go is a Belgian based creative company offering clever, colourful and inspiring products for you, your kids and your home. At Play & Go we understand just how important fun, creative play is for kids. We love designing and crafting quality products that will make kids happy, and put a smile on everyone’s face! With Play & Go you can be sure you are buying quality products that will last a long time and offer great value for money.