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Paper bag 'STUFF' (Code: CUST)

Paper bag 'STUFF'
Paper bag 'STUFF'
Paper bag 'STUFF'
Paper bag 'STUFF'
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Why we love it
The bags were designed originally for the kids to store toys. However, they are very well suited to put other STUFF in them, like wrapping paper, small blankets, large blankets, stuffed animals, books, magazines, shoes, umbrellas or the laundry. All things that you want to hide quickly at home from the visitors' eyes. The bag carries everything up to 20 kg.
There is one more handy feature of the bags: you can use them as wrapping paper for gigantic gifts!

The pattern is handmade, so each piece is unique

Dimensions 40 x 61 x 14 cm
Material two layer craft paper, acrylic paint
Colour insite brown, outside white, black painted letters
Manufacturer CUCC
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