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Hide and seek in the town (Code: MHS)

Hide and seek in the town
Hide and seek in the town
Hide and seek in the town
Hide and seek in the town
Hide and seek in the town
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Every evening, Uncle Bob takes the two dachshund siblings, Spot and Louise, for a walk. While playing with her brother in the park Louise's ball rolls away. Louise runs after it, but she is so tiny that she gets lost among the bushes and objects of the park. When she realizes that she can't see Uncle Bob anymore, she starts to look for them right away. In the meantime Spot also starts searching for Louise. Which doggie will find the other?

For two players above 5 years of age Duration of the game: app. 15 minutes

Preparations for the game: First, place the partition board between you. Then place the game board before you, making sure that the same difficulty level is at top and the Town Gate is touching the picture of the town on the partition board. Place the doggie of your choice (either Spot or Louise) on your own board on any of the tiles in a way, that the other player won't see where you placed it. You can't place it on tiles which already have objects on them!

How to play the game: The youngest player begins the first round! He has to throw with both colored dice. The pink dice shows how many questions ha is allowed to ask, while the black dice shows how many tiles he can step forward or to either side. You can't step diagonally or on tiles with objects on them! After you have thrown with the dice ask the other player: What object do you see on the path before you if you...
– look toward the town?
– look toward the park?
– look toward the road?
– look toward the river?
You can ask only as many questions as the pink dice shows you! For example: Spot has thrown a two with the pink dice and a three with the black dice. Since the pink dice shows the number of questions, he asks:
– Louise, what do you see if you look toward the town?
– A tree leaf.
– Louise, what do you see if you look toward the river?
– A bush. From these answers Spot can deduce that Louise is standing on one of the tiles in the third row. He has to use his three steps (as shown by the black dice) to get as close to Louise as he can, or – if possible – to step on the same tile where Louise is standing. If he can't step on the same tile, it is the turn of the other player. The other player can also throw and ask questions... and so on. If during the game, the player whose turn is to answer the question does not see any object on the path, he has to answer that he sees either the town, the park, the river or the road before him.

The end of the game: When you think that your doggie is standing on the same tile as the other doggie, you have to announce the exact row and column where you are standing. For example: “I am standing in the third row and third column. Are you standing there too?” If you are right and the other doggie is standing on the same tile, you have won! If you are wrong, don't give up, the game continuous until you find each other!

Contents: 2 game boards (2 sided – 2 degrees of diffculty), 1 divider board, 2 dogs, 2 number dice, 1 canvas bag

Manufacturer: Marbushka
Material: All toys are primarily made by hand, using environment-friendly materials (wood, paper, semi-precious stones)
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